Green Initiatives

Environmental Stewardship. Responsibly addressing the issues that matter.

The Mission Bay Conference Center follows the Green Meeting Industry Council code of conduct.


As a Green Meeting Industry Council member, we take sustainability into account in everything we do, and have agreed to be a part of reducing the environmental footprint of the meeting and event industry and to contribute positively to host communities. We support meetings and events and engage in activities that balance environmental, economic, and community goals through all stages of the planning process.

We have adopted practices that minimize environmental and social impacts in the following areas through rethinking, reducing, reusing, and recycling: Air Quality, Energy Efficiency, Water Conservation, Waste Management, Environmental Purchasing, and Social and Community Responsibility.

We focus our efforts on the following areas for the greatest impact:

Food Purchasing
We understand the power and importance of food in our daily lives and interactions, and recognize that our food choices have a significant impact on our health, culture, environment, and local and global economies. We strive to offer our clients and customers fresh whole foods that are raised, grown, harvested, and produced locally and in a sustainable manner, whenever possible. We partner with suppliers to increase the availability of these foods. We also follow the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program, serving only sustainable seafood choices on our restaurant and catering menus.

Supply Chain
We consider the environmental impacts of our purchasing practices in how we operate our business every day. We seek to purchase and use environmentally preferable products and services. By partnering with our suppliers, customers and environmental experts, we're able to understand the impacts of available products and services on the environment and communities, and to identify better alternatives.

Building Operations
Building operations are a large consumer of natural resources and a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. In our own operations and in partnership with our clients, we help create and operate a facility that is increasingly environmentally friendly, energy efficient, and healthy for those who use it.

Energy and Water Conservation
Our operations depend on safe and reliable energy and water sources. Nearly all of the energy we consume is supplied by finite natural resources, the generation of which contributes to climate change and affects the environmental quality of the communities we serve. We advocate for and partner with our clients to bring a range of energy and water conservation programs to the places we operate.

We rely on a service fleet as well as other transportation to deliver products and services to our locations. Recognizing that reducing our fuel use and emissions has a substantial impact on the environment, we partner with our suppliers, vehicle manufacturers, clients, and government organizations to improve operational efficiency and explore new technologies.

Waste Management
The responsible management of emissions and waste are requirements to sustain and restore our natural resources and the communities in which we serve. We're committed to minimizing our environmental footprint by promoting and practicing waste reduction, reuse, and recycling in our operations and those of our clients.

To see how the UCSF Office of Sustainability is making Mission Bay and all of its campuses green, visit LivingGreen